Increase production Output

Nothing is more stressful than the challenge of finding ways to increase production on short notice. Where to begin? Like most organizations, downtime is a usually a first focus. It seems rational. The problem with this approach is that downtime is generally not regularly repeatable. Essentially plant resources end up chasing a moving target thus reducing the ability to deliver results quickly. 

focus resources for fast gains

Shift the focus to ensuring the machine is running at rate “when it is running”. On a continuous process operation the machine should hit a rate when the operator hits “cycle start”. Most times, however, due to added inefficiencies – mechanical equipment may have been slowed down. Other causes may also be in effect. Consider the following: if a machine is running 20% below the stated rate – for every minute the machine is running productivity will be down 20%. This is an easy area to look for fast gains. 

ensure machine rates before focusing on downtime

When all of the key resources focus on machine output – the central focus is simplified. “What is causing the machine not to hit rate – when it is running”. Incremental improvement on output rate pays a greater dividend in output quickly. A simple output tweak on a motor could increase output dramatically.