Great leaders are able to adapt their style to effectively communicate with their staff. DISC assessment are a great tool to determine how best to communicate with your team, but that is not enough. A great leader must determine where the weaknesses are in the skill sets of the team to achieve objectives.

Create an assessment specific to your objectives

A great starting point for building a great team is to build an assessment specific to the metrics and guiding principles employed. There is no ‘ONE’ assessment to determine if your team has the tools necessary to succeed in the venture.

As a leader, you have a fantastic opportunity to customize the assessment. Let us say for example that your organization is interested in improving OEE, Inventory Carrying Cost, and ROCE (Return on Capital Employed). As a leader you completed the groundwork: visual metrics are in placed and discussed regularly, you’re assigning goals and objectives around those metrics, and you have been transparent about the challenges.

But does your team comprehend the message?

STart by BUILDING an assessment around the metrics

This is fairly straight forward. Create a test that asks the most basic questions: What is ROCE, OEE, and inventory carrying cost? Then move into the technical portion: How is it calculated? Then the culture piece: What has to change in your department to obtain support for these metrics?

Even a simple assessment such as this, provides a fantastic baseline to establish educational objectives with your team. Find the gaps, educate, and test again.

Taking the time to evaluate the team is a crucial step of success.